Guess what silly arse missed the bottom step on the way to work on Thursday… I have one very badly sprained ankle, and a rather bruised dignity.

So, details. Going down the steps to the CharingX branch of the Northern line, mind elsewhere, and as these things go, I think that I missed the second to last step, (or took it “half-er”, but I think it was a total miss). Either way, I am suddenly flying through the air, hearing 2 almighty crunches from my ankle as it turns sideways and gives out on me as it touches down on something (The last step I suspect!) and then I’m crumpling and hitting the deck wth a large splat. I think I grabbed out to the hand rail, which mitigated the fall, but when I got to the floor, the searing pain in my left ankle was very very large, and it felt very immobile.

Strangly, both my hands are tingling like mad and the driest mouth ever (I discover later this is due to hyperventilation and shock) but as I’ve been first-aid trained, I’m keeping as calm as I can, trying to stay lucid, and definitly not panicing (Which is not helpful to anyone).

Taking the mental inventory, nothing else appeared damaged, and people are starting to help, so I tell (well… gasp/scream/sob at) them there is an intercom behind them, and someone talks to me to make sure I’m ok.

The staff get there, and take charge. Get me to sit up, get my shoe off and prop my ankle up. I suspect the fact that I wear sensible shoes saved me from worse injury, but my ankle at this point is looking a very odd shape. So we suspect a break or dislocation. The Andy’s that helped were fantastic, although, trying to find “ice” for the ankle was amusing, I evenutally ended up with a bag of “Spicy Fries” draped over it.

Meanwhile, Ambulance is called, cos there is no way I’m getting out of there on foot, and I get chair lifted out, and then the nice ride to UCH, accompanied by my new friends Gas & Air.

UCH is not busy, so I get seen really quickly. Triaged to “Minors”, Examined by the registrar, Given pain-killers and then into X-ray all within about 10 minutes I think!

Then, a debate insues, with 4 Doctors looking at the X-Ray, and not being able to decide whether it is fractured or not. I couldn’t get my ankle in quite the right shape for them to see properly.

So, as it is all stable inside the ankle, I get given the Labour Strength Gas& Air (And Gods, is that good!) through my ankle being manipulated into the right shape, as another set are taken.

Luckily, no break (So, my Unbroken bone record is intact!) shows this time, so I’m straped in tubigrip, given a pair of crutches, and discharged.

So, in practical terms, I have an ankle the size of an apple, and I’m probably off my feet for 2 weeks. All round poo! I had such a good weekend planned as well!

4 thoughts on “Ker-splat”

  1. Euch!!!Sweetie that sounds gross!!! More painful than a break too, so I’m told. All the best wishes possible and well, what can I say? Do you have enough wool to see you through 2 weeks or will you need to send out for more 🙂
    Sal x

  2. ouch!!! so we won’t be seeing you at GG for a bit! plumbers pipe lagging is great to stop blisters on the hands from the crutches, give us a shout if you need help,poor mum…..!


  3. Sal: I’m good, just swollen… The pain is not really so much if I treat it well, and keep off it! It was totally horrific when I first did it though…
    Yarn.. Well, I think I have a small mountain of it, so I should be OK. 😉 What I do think I need to sus out is a more comforatble way of sitting at the PC!

    Julie: Indeed, and Gosh, yes, not what Mum needs. My hands aren’t too bad on the crutches, its my Pecs that really hurt! But if I need it, I’ll send someone out for some lagging… 😉

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