Not a great deal to say…

Hi there…

Feel like I should write a ‘blog, but I’m not really sure what to say.

Life rolls. Chaos is slowly being turned to order again, and that feels good.

Not much knitting or other craft happening, although I’m itching to do some dyeing, I’ve not had the opportunity, and I’ve certainly not got clear space for it! Also, lots of being out and about, which is fun, but interfers with the unpacking.

My Love life is fantastic. Spending lots of time with my wonderful man, and that is all good. It’s 6 months worth of real live “proper relationship” stuff, and right now, it’s going from strength to strength.

Mum is calmer now, which is good as well. I think that the finality of my move and all things changing is giving her good closure.

I have a bike. I obtained it from Karl, and after putting a far better saddle on it, that doesn’t cut me in two, I started riding it last week properly. It’s being serviced right now, as the pedal sprocket is broken, which makes the pedal go wonky and then come off when you really don’t need it. Once I get it back, I’m planning on building up on it to be able to at least ride to work and back.

Also, the pretty walk I’ve gained through Greenwich Park down to the DLR in the mornings, coupled with my move and then another friend’s move 2 weeks later, has kick-started by body back into “moving and being used” mode, after the apathy and lazyness created in me by my injury. I’ve dropped 7lbs with no effort, and my ankle is now pretty much the size it should be. It’s still giving me gyp on wet morning though…

Hmm… for someone with not much to say, I seem to have found enough to natter about! 🙂

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