Some more about me…

I’m a child of the 70’s – My birthchart is here for interested parties

I had a very uncomplex childhood, life simply progressed as it does! I am an only child, and a good 10 years older than anyone else in my generation of the family.

I’ve always been into the “how does that work?” in life so it was almost natural that I ended up a Geek really.

Having had a PC at home since 1995, I finally bought my own domain in March 2002, simply so that I would stop annoying people when I changed ISP (and hence e-mail address!) for “the cheaper deal” (and yes, I started out my Internet life with AOL! Just how tragic is that to admit!)

I bought “” simply because I had recently refitted my kitchen, and decorated it a nice shade of purple. (This was an unusual choice, as my favourite colours are Reds, Yellows and Oranges…) and when I was thinking about what domain name to buy, “purplekitchen ” just felt nicely unique, and very reflective of “The essential Nikki.” I tried various other ideas, but they just didn’t suit me.

So, the original website logo was the place that this domain is named for. I moved on from it in June 2003, however, that small but perfectly formed Purple Kitchen still has a special place in my heart.

The webspace attached to my domain laid fallow until June 2005, when I started ‘blogging because I wanted some webspce up to show off my newly acquired knitting prowess. As an aside from that, it also allows me to practise my HTML, CSS, XHTML XML/XSLT and Javascript coding skills. I convered the ‘blog part of the site to WordPress in June 2006, and then chose to pull the whole site into it around September time, as the advantages of using a CMS became very clear (However, it is a job that isn’t quite finished! (As at December 2006!)).

My “How does that work?” mentality drives most of my life. Through simple creative acts, such cooking and food research, the occasional mad sewing project (normally completed the day I need it!), knitting, dyeing and beading, through my quest for a compatible Spirituality for my Morality, my geeky interest in technology and my love of all gadgets, to my drive for sexual adventurousness and pushing my physical boundaries. I’m forever learning, and consider a day where I acquire no new knowledge a wasted day.

As a consequence of all this “doing stuff”, I’m normally far too busy living my life to document it down!

I’m working on putting together some articles, and there are lots of links to pages of things that I’m into

I also have an on/off fascination with Photography, see my Twitter for random pictures.