Something knitting related, just for a change!

As mentioned in passing in this post,  I’ve knitted me a new handbag, after the styling of the Booga bag
Booga Mk 2

As always with these things, a second knit of the same pattern leads to to think on what you felt could be improved upon when knitting next time around. 

I felt my Booga was a touch small for the stuff I carry  (although only just, so no radical change required there) and when in use the opening was quite saggy, tending to roll outwards. 
Also the Base join felt flimsy.  After all,  “pick up & knit into the back of the stitch” doesn’t provide a structural feature,  so the base tended to sag inwards under load. 
I also felt that it could use an internal pocket for my travel card, as rumaging in bags for small things is a pet hate of mine.
I remembered that somewhere on the ‘net that I’d seen a very similar bag, using Applied I-cord & I-Cord bind-off to give the form definition and and structure… But could I find the pattern again?  Nope.
So, I did some surfing,  learned the required techniques, and, as per usual for me,  made it up as I went along.
I’m writing this as an account (After all, this is a ‘blog!), but do check back soonish for the Link to a properly written up pattern over on Fluffenstuff.
The yarn was a random find during my last trip to Brighton. I saw it and immediately thought it would make me a good new bag… and at £1.99 a ball (because it was new to the shop, wasn’t labled up, and that’s what the shop dude sort of thought it was supposed to sell at!) it had to be done really! 
Wash+Filz-It!“,  knits up on 8mm needles  so is a fatter yarn than Noro Kureyon. Not an issue as I wanted it slightly bigger anyway,  and as I had trouble picking up and knitting the cast on edge for my first Booga, I used a Provisional cast on onto the 1m 8mm Addi cable needle I was going to use for the side of 38 st, then used a set of straights for 20r before picking up & starting up the sides.
Colours Rose (10) and Ruby (6) were what called to me in the shop, as a plain bag would be so dull! 
Mind you,  I surprised myself at just how picky I was about about the base stripe matching and balancing.
I realised after I’d picked up around the sides that because of the way I’d cast on, I had an extra row on 3 sides! This left the stripe wrong! It meant the Top would be Wonky!  Knitting OCD!!!
So, rather than re-knit 4″ of bag totally, I dropped out and reknitted just the one side, which was an adventure! I added the extra row required, then repicked up all the strands of yarn back into knitting on top of that…   It was going well, until I realised that I’d managed to miss out 4 stitches (2 at each end of the row) when I dropped so then then had to drop out the corners and re-add them with extra yarn! 
Only do this when felting kiddies! I ended up with so many weaved in ends!!! You can’t tell now, but there is no way you’d do this to a non-felted peice in a million years!
Knitted around and around until I was almost out of yarn, then cast-off I-cord style, and then  applied an I-cord to the base of the bag. Added an inside pocket by picking up & knitting a flap, then just sewing that to the inside of the bag.
I also figured out how to make a striped I-cord, carrying the yarn up the inside of the cord, and so knitted 2m of that.
As an aside, can NOONE describe Applied I-cord technique??  Took me about 10 goes before I understood what all the various, seemingly well-written,  instructions were trying to convey!
The Unfelted bag was very big & floopy, so I was quite happy that it would turn out nicely bigger than my original.
However, The yarn felts down really well! Admittedly, I ran it though the wash twice to get it nice and dense, but it only just stretched over the requisite  blocking shoe-box! The cord shrank down to about 15ocm as well.
So, I have a bag I’m happy with again, with the added bonuses of no drastic sagging and no rummaging for my pass!

I do the like the pub where AngelKnits is held…

There is an old guy called Ken that is a Perennial customer. He’s always at the bar, in exactly the same place every week, doing the crossword as we knit.  He’s a little down at heal, and smells slightly, but is a good man at heart.

It appears this week that the landlord (Matt) offered him a DVD player and speakers.  The Duty manager was very insistant on trying to help Ken get it home as well…

It might not be the cheapest pub ever, but The New Rose is one of the friendliest. 🙂

Emergency WIP… Seems it was a real emergency!

Remember this?

Well, this is what it looks like now!

Scarf in Manos de Uruguay Square Hat in Manos de Uruguay

and these are being worked to join them… Although, I’m not 100% happy, so these may well get ripped

Wrist Warmer UFO in Manos de Uruguay

I’m working Bottom up, but I get the feeling that somehow, I should be working top down.

All of these are worked in Waffle Stitch, and as you can see, although functionally finished, I’ve not blocked yet. Apart from anything, it’s cold, and I needed to keep my ears warm!

I’ve also pretty much not knit on anything else since I got these on the needles, and I can see why I’m a multi WIP girl, I was SO BORED of the scarf when I took it off of the needles! So, I will have to go through my WIP Stash, and dig out all my other UFOs that have been being neglected since May, when I started these!

However, as I twittered, I had a little bit of a falling down in Loop…

Trangual Shawl and yarn in Misti Alpaca

My eye was caught by the Colourway… I ignored it and looke at other yarns… then I touched. 100% Baby Alpaca. I was doomed.

Got to AK, wound 2 of the three skeins into Balls, and chatterted with Maggie and Verity about what it should be. We decided upon a Triangular Striped Shawl, with Lacy inserts.

Triangular Shawl upclose

Mind you, I think I’m ripping back to the first lacy section, as I’ve got 13 St on one side of the increase and 17 on the other! OOPS!!!

And talking of pressies…

As some of you may or may not know, the lovely Ann attended SXSW interactive this year.

I so wasn’t expecting it, but I got brought back a pressie from Austin:
Plymouth Yarns - Baby Alpaca Grande

Note the tearing on the label? When I got given said pressie, it was Australian GP weekend, so I was sitting on the chair round at hers, with my hand inside the skein, wiggling my fingers inside the buttery softness as we enjoyed the race, and Ann ranted about how bad Ralf Schumacher really is… (I agree, as an aside.) Hence, one split ball band!

Something I also wasn’t expecting was pressies from Christine:
Very loud day-glo 15mm knitting needles, a Gift From Big Pink Cookie! 15mm Crochet hook, a Gift From Big Pink Cookie!

The lady knows me and my penchant for BIG needles well! 😉  I’m so glad the Lurid Day-glo came out so well on film, they really are that yellow!

Thank you both, and I apologise for my tardy posting!

Knitting – that’s what its all about…

Yep, it’s been hectic. As always. No excuses apart from too much real life fitting into certainly not enough hours!

So, just to prove that I still do it:

Emergency profect - Waffle stitch Scarf in Manos De Uruguy on 6.5mm Fiddlesticks

This is my latest project. Bought as “Emergency Yarn” 3 weeks ago. I wasn’t planning to attend Angel Knits that Tuesday, so I brought no knitting to work with me. However, I didn’t go where I was intending to go, so it was a mad after work dash to Loop for supplies!

I’d bought some Manos De Uruguay for Fred in SP9 and really liked the hand of it at the time, so, when I saw the colourway above, it was a no-brainer purchase really. 3 skeins, the fiddlesticks shown, and 2x60cm 6mm Addi turbos for the hat to go with the above scarf!

I’m knitting in a waffle-like stitch: CO 23st long tail, ws=k1,p1 rs=k all, BO when as tall as me! Should block out lovely.

Using logic, the wool that is for the hat is sitting in my desk at work, as I don’t want to have to make another mad dash! 😉