Some days, you just grab the bull by the horns and fix things.

I mentioned the LCUK website before – languishing in it’s half finished state since 2010 I think!

So, for reasons best known only to my brain, I had a sudden brain-fart this afternoon about how to sort it out (detailed over here in this ‘blog post), did much much Google searching (you don’t want to know just how many tabs and windows I have open right now!) and attacked it with gusto this evening!

It’s looking so much better it’s untrue! This make me very geek happy.

Having it (pretty much) sorted and also adding in the ability to upload the rest of the site fairly easily… is “a good” in my world


Did you know?

Yesterday (19th September) was International Talk like a Pirate day.

However, I’ll be betting that more of ‘ee know about this pretty little flibbert o’ fun than the fact that tomorrrow (21st September) be International World Peace Day. Gharr.

So, you scurvy landlubbers, I thought I’d do me bit, and tell ‘ee about both.

One day, I’m hoping that my little bit of just banging on about it will have everyone actually caring more about the latter.

And talking of pressies…

As some of you may or may not know, the lovely Ann attended SXSW interactive this year.

I so wasn’t expecting it, but I got brought back a pressie from Austin:
Plymouth Yarns - Baby Alpaca Grande

Note the tearing on the label? When I got given said pressie, it was Australian GP weekend, so I was sitting on the chair round at hers, with my hand inside the skein, wiggling my fingers inside the buttery softness as we enjoyed the race, and Ann ranted about how bad Ralf Schumacher really is… (I agree, as an aside.) Hence, one split ball band!

Something I also wasn’t expecting was pressies from Christine:
Very loud day-glo 15mm knitting needles, a Gift From Big Pink Cookie! 15mm Crochet hook, a Gift From Big Pink Cookie!

The lady knows me and my penchant for BIG needles well! 😉  I’m so glad the Lurid Day-glo came out so well on film, they really are that yellow!

Thank you both, and I apologise for my tardy posting!


“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike,
“I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like.”

It is weird. London is known for being a very traffic congested city, and yet, having been cycling through it to work from Cannon Street over the last couple of weeks, it seems there are great swathes of unused roads, which make cycling actually very easy. This is also not to mention the back alleys, newly dedicated cycle runs and and “Dead end to cars but not to cyclists” roads that tucked away all through our fine City.

Now, whether this emptiness is due to Congestion Charging or some other reason I’m unaware of, my city never fails to impress me. I’ve lived here pretty much all my life, and yet I’m still finding parts of it that are new, shiny and impressive to me. Cycling around gives me insight into parts of it that I have never see due to taking the Tube everywhere. This isn’t to knock the Tube at all, or the DLR, as I love both, but it is rather freeing to be under your own steam, and knowing that the only delays you will suffer are normally down to red lights. (Yep, I’m obeying them, nothing annoys me more than a cyclist who jumps the lights, mowing down the pedestrians in their path!) So far, it’s going well, although I nearly got killed twice on Friday by speedy and inconsiderate left turning Drivers. Bah. I want a hardball cannon to fit to my handlebars! That’ll teach ’em! 😉

However, in my new found evangelism, I’ve joined the London Cycling Campaign so that these bad drivers can be educated, and the roads (which are appaulingly pot-holed!) are made better. I’m trying to work my legs most days, which HURTS!!! Mind you, I need to get fit, so I can keep up with my wonderful Man and his cycle!