Some days, you just grab the bull by the horns and fix things.

I mentioned the LCUK website before – languishing in it’s half finished state since 2010 I think!

So, for reasons best known only to my brain, I had a sudden brain-fart this afternoon about how to sort it out (detailed over here in this ‘blog post), did much much Google searching (you don’t want to know just how many tabs and windows I have open right now!) and attacked it with gusto this evening!

It’s looking so much better it’s untrue! This make me very geek happy.

Having it (pretty much) sorted and also adding in the ability to upload the rest of the site fairly easily… is “a good” in my world


Tidy up!

You know when you look at something and realise that, whilst it’s still all valid, it just looks very tired?

I did that with this ‘blog the other day… After I posted  about the lady at KGX a couple of people on twitter remarked that I had Gravatar gremlins at the bottom of the post. I also noticed that lots of the posts had “little black diamond question marks” –  � – all over them!

Now, this WordPress site was converted in 2005 from a static HTML site I created about 8 months before, and at the time, I creating the theme by mashing some “outside the ‘press” html pages and a great deal of my original website’s CSS2 ids and classes into Michael B‘s original “Blank” theme (which in turn was based on Michael H‘s Kubrick theme) – a theme that really wasn’t up to code any more.

Also, the database is vintage v2.x WordPress, which meant it had content in it that was input in “Latin” rather than UTF-8, as “Latin” was the standard for WP 2.x

So, a Sunday morning of tinkering later, and ‘lo, an up-to-spec Purple Kitchen!

All the word based content is now coming from inside the ‘press (although some of the pictures are still outside, that’s not so important I think) and the theme is both nicely purple and, more importantly, modern, which will (hopefully) get updates as WordPress does.

And to solve the diamond problem – I backed up, exported to xml, stripped out all the old and re-imported all the posts and pages – nerve wracking, but it worked.

All bright and shiny again for the next few years eh?

Well… Things seem OK, if a tad messy.

I survived. It wasn’t at all painful in the end (unlike for the other domain I’m working on, which I managed to stunningly break for about an hour!). So, it is all good stuff.

You’ll notice at present, 2 different menus for Pages. I’ll sort that out when I’ve ported everything over into workpress… Although, I think that the Gallery pages might have to stay put until I find a suitable Photo ‘blog pluggin… we shall see 🙂

I think I also discovered the way I can do my WIPS as their own pages, and have them all list out as well, but it does mean that they need to be ‘blog posts. So, please do just ignore the posts from the 1900’s! 😉 I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to hide teh Archive entry at some point!

Ok, in the morning, I’m going to try not to break my website.


The advantages of having all of my website contained within a WordPress structure are getting too big to ignore, and I’m going to try and move everything over.

There is the risk that I might break stuff for a while though, so if you pop over later, and the kitchen appears gone, don’t dispair, just come back later.

If you are really lucky, I might also get my coding fingers in gear enough to finish coding my other new website, and get the shutters open on my new Yarn and Stitchmarker Shop, just intime for the start of SP9… We shall see eh?

Sleep well mes Amies!

I’ve got to make a crust somehow – Crass commercialism it is!

Yep, to help offset some of my hosting costs, I’ve opened up my very own Spreadshirt shop

Have a click, take you pick! I’m going to work on some suitable Vector Graphic artwork for the messenger bags and backpacks, because they look like ideal knitting bags!