“Change please?!”

This is what beggars say as we walk past them –  “Change please?”

& yet a plea for money could be seen, in this context, as having a double meaning. A person begging for money also needs real change.

When did a handful of coins get the nickname “small change” anyway? And, does a handful of small change actually cause change in this, or any instance?

Change can mean so much, especially in this context. I’m as guilty as the next person of generally walking by… I tend to apologise for not giving, even when I know I’ve no change in my purse or my life that I can give.

It was deeply ingrained in me when I was younger- “Don’t give money, they will only spend it on Alcohol” – so I have been known to buy people food, & one particularly horrific January a while ago, when I was rather poor myself (for a given meaning of “poor”)  giving my wool gloves to a chap who’s hands were blue (I could buy another pair of gloves after all)

Given that we are living in one of the richest countries in the world, I wonder why we cannot “spare any change?” for people that need it.


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