I’ve got all these words

I commented on this on Twitter a while back now, about having the ideas for opening paragraphs to multiple ‘blog posts flit through my head as I’m wandering, the urge to just “write stuff out” when I’m generally not anywhere near a PC. Someone noted that I should maybe use a note book to capture the thoughts, but given that a) my hand writing is so shocking that even I can’t read it on occasion & b) the thoughts usually happen when I’m walking, this doesn’t really help.

Thus, the words escape untamed. Which is annoying, infuriating and otherwise irritating. 

Because they are generally thoughts that could use noting.  Political thought (I sometimes amaze myself at how political I am now!), fun thoughts, dyeing thoughts, time thoughts

The thoughts about how horrifically 49% of the population treat the other 51% on a great deal of our blue-green planet, how lots of us actually treat this planet.  How people can not want to help others in small altruistic ways, how they can just not see that being selfish ultimately is self destructive.

Thoughts around how I could get my crafty on, yarn dyeing ideas, how best to dye fibre, how the heck I find the time to do it, let alone the space.

There are thoughts about “wanting more” – reaching higher, going further, living deeper.

Given that the WordPress app can now do offline drafts, some of these thoughts might even make it out of my head. You never know…

2 thoughts on “I’ve got all these words”

  1. Go for it. I often start my blog posts on my phone. Walking is very good for the thought processes. I also get to type things up when sitting on the train, when it isn’t too crowded of course.

  2. Yeah, the train is probably the best place to start anything like this… I’m usually walking to or from some form of transport!

    There is something to be said though, for bashing thoughts out on a keyboard.

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