Tidy up!

You know when you look at something and realise that, whilst it’s still all valid, it just looks very tired?

I did that with this ‘blog the other day… After I posted  about the lady at KGX a couple of people on twitter remarked that I had Gravatar gremlins at the bottom of the post. I also noticed that lots of the posts had “little black diamond question marks” –  � – all over them!

Now, this WordPress site was converted in 2005 from a static HTML site I created about 8 months before, and at the time, I creating the theme by mashing some “outside the ‘press” html pages and a great deal of my original website’s CSS2 ids and classes into Michael B‘s original “Blank” theme (which in turn was based on Michael H‘s Kubrick theme) – a theme that really wasn’t up to code any more.

Also, the database is vintage v2.x WordPress, which meant it had content in it that was input in “Latin” rather than UTF-8, as “Latin” was the standard for WP 2.x

So, a Sunday morning of tinkering later, and ‘lo, an up-to-spec Purple Kitchen!

All the word based content is now coming from inside the ‘press (although some of the pictures are still outside, that’s not so important I think) and the theme is both nicely purple and, more importantly, modern, which will (hopefully) get updates as WordPress does.

And to solve the diamond problem – I backed up, exported to xml, stripped out all the old and re-imported all the posts and pages – nerve wracking, but it worked.

All bright and shiny again for the next few years eh?

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