I’ve *still* got too much life and not enough time!

WOW! I just realised that my last ‘blog about life was exactly a year ago. Twitter really did eat my ‘blog!

I’ve also realised that some of the challenges I listed then are still very much valid now.

However, lots of the stuff has also changed, some for better, some for worse.

I haven’t managed that sabbatical yet (although it is desparately still required, for mostly the same reasons…) and although I theoretically have slightly more time, due to not having Tim’s Chilrens every other weekend (I’ll talk about that below) life filled with other things that are both wonderful and awfully time consuming!

House Chaos: Almost sorted.
This weekend is a massive milestone.
If you’ve been following my twitter feed you’ll have seen the various pictures of various bits of the house coming together. This weekend, after ~4.5 years of being in the house, I’m (finally!) having my housewarming party. Yes, the house isn’t “finished” by any stretch of the imagination, but the work left to do is almost all entirely decorative now, and the last 3 major bits to do with building work are booked in for next week (subject to quote etc!).
So, the “bones” of the thing are all there; new wiring, new boiler, new kitchen; all done, dusted and sorted.
Now it’s just the meat to go; flooring, painting, curtains, furniture, crockery, cutlery… All the “fluffy stuffs” that make houses into “home”.

Mum: Healed, but not quite whole
Mum’s head is coming together, and her emotional responses are pretty much back to where they were before the accident. I think she is about as good as she’s going to get, although she’s still a little deaf and has almost no sense of smell now. However, I also think that the time off it gave her has allowed her time and space to work through the issues that both Granddad and his death gave her, and getting resolution with them has made her more stable in that respect.

Fibres Exotica: That rolls, & rolls well but not without its hiccoughs!
The business is growing, it makes sales every month & I took myself & half-a-tonne* of yarn to Knitting and Stitching 2010, Stitch & Craft 2011 & Embroidery and Quilting 2011. The shows were huge successes in terms of business awareness and my personal satisfaction & learning. I’ve met many many enthusiastic crafters in the last year! 🙂

I’ve also worked with designers and got some patterns made, free ones and ones that cost a little money .

Unfortunally though, although you take money at yarn shows, you don’t tend to don’t make any money at all  in terms of profit; after you take out the cost of the stand & transport (no thought of paying yourself!), if you are my size, you are lucky to break even.

However, you just look upon them as advertising, & just enjoy doing it!

So, right now, I’m looking forward to doing Knitting and Stitching 2011 (which given what I’ve learned in terms of layout, sales techniques, what people want, how to engage them etc etc) should be fun!

Main target now is figure out how to make enough time to do the work to photograph & upload yarn to keep the website fully stocked, and then make it make enough money so that I can stop working full-time on the day-job. Crack that and I’ll be well on my way to a good career change. 🙂

LCUK, and my other website maintenance: No progress
With all the other stuff that has been happening (and the sheer amount of things that have happened since I last ‘blogged is massive), I’ve simply not had time, and since November a desk, to sit there and do a serious session of website updating! 🙁

I have serious guilt about this, but I can’t do everything in the time I have.

New things: After almost exactly 5 years, Tim (my “Guru of the Mystic” as I called him on here) broke up with me at the beginning of April & moved out a month later, after a very weird month indeed… I think I’m only really just sifting through the mind-debris that his leaving caused.

However, true to Nikki form, I managed to stay single the grand total of 2 days , not that I realised this until about mid-June!!

I now have 3 wonderful people in my life, helping me make house home, fix debris & heal the hurts.

“Three people???” I hear you say? Well, to quantify my “relationship outlook”, as I’ve never really talked on here about it, I’m Polyamorus.  I’m also Bisexual (and proud), and I’m sure you all know by now from the reading that I’m rather kinky too.

I’ll talk about all that in another ‘blog post though,  as this one is way long as it is!

*More like 60Kg, but still lots!

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