I’ve just complained to the BBC!!!

I’ve just complained to the BBC’s Head of Sport (and also used the WebForm) about their giving away rights to some of the Formula1 races from 2012 to Sky Sports

Very much not happy…  I feel that the BBC doing this is a total betrayal of Formula 1’s “Free-to-air” ethos, and… well, read what I think below!

Dear Barbara,

I’m sure that you will receive many e-mails on this topic after your
announcement today.

I’m not usually the sort of person that would write such an e-mail to
the Head of a Department rather than using usual complaints channels,
however, as a die-hard F1 far, I must urge you and the corporation to
seriously reconsider your position regarding the 2012 and onward
sharing of the F1 coverage with Sky Sports.

The only reason that I have a TV licence is because of your excellent
F1 coverage. Last year, I made the choice to sell my TV, as I hadn’t
turned it on in over a year, instead watching F1 via the most
excellent iPlayer, as well as Dr Who and Masterchef.

I feel that I pay my licence fee pretty much to watch F1 live and also
recorded and on the move via the BBC’s website provision. I also feel
this is a good use of my heard earned money.

Naturally, with no TV, I don’t have Sky provision & because of the
dubious business and moral practises of NewsCorp and the Murdoch
Empire, I don’t ever want to be a Sky customer. I’m sure that many of
your licence payers also feel the same way.

I commend you for allowing the current team the freedom to deliver
such a high quality programme, as the BBC is after all the home of
excellence. The current format, presentation, music choices,
commentary & every else about your offering is superb and has added so
much to the spectacle and my personal enjoyment of the sport.

The BBC giving away half that coverage (and I’d guess that Sky would
want dibs on the entertaining tracks to guarantee their advertising
revenues, leaving yourselves with the “boring” ones, such as Valencia,
Barcelona and Hungary) to a corporation that will infect F1 with
mediocrity, advertising and high prices is very sad, totally avoidable
and leaves both myself and I’d guess a large percentage of your
customers paying around £500/year that most of us do not have, for a
product of which most would not want or use 99/100s of the content.

Leaving aside the fact that I do not wish to give the Murdoch Empire a
penny of my money, I’d most likely be paying for an inferior offering.

This is very much not on my agenda, and looking at the buzz on Twitter
and Facebook over this, I’m certainly not in the minority here.

I very much look forward to a revised decision. As “Tim1971” observed
on Twitter (http://twitter.com/#!/Tim1971/status/96947522832039936),
with 10m F1 fans viewing and the savings being made are £30m, that’s a
mere £3 each. I’d gladly contribute this to keep F1 where it belongs
for many many years to come.

Kind Regards
Nikola Howard

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