Terminal Illness… “Humanity vs Morality”

Something I said 2 years ago: “Mind you, and from a totally personal perspective, is it really a humane thing that we make our terminally ill people effectively starve to death on painkilling drugs?”

A very close friend of mine has been sitting by his mother’s Hospital bedside for a week now, watching her die whilst “being made comfortable” by Morphine.

She’s 83,  has an inoperable fast-growing tumour that she is bleeding into and The Doctors cannot “fix” it because the drugs they would use to stop the bleeding will give her an heart attack.

She lost her Husband at the end of September, and my friend sat by his bedside with her, watching his Father die whilst “being made comfortable” by Morphine. 
He died (pretty much) due to complications of progressive heart failure.

His Father had said to him about 10 days before he entered Hospital that he was more than ready to go, just wished it was all over… I know My Grandfather said the same thing to me.  My Friend’s Mother said to him just other other day that she was glad that Her Husband was out of pain, but that she was looking forward to seeing him again soon!

I know that My Mum sat the same vigil with Granddad, and unless we wise up and put Humanity over Morality, I’ll have to do it with my Mum.

I hate that our Morality – “Thou shalt not kill” – means that our Social Construct cannot offer anything more than a long slow lingering “natural” death over inherent dignity.

After all, how much emotional pain does having to helplessly watch someone die over a course of days give the other person? How much extra emotional pain does it cause the person dying?

I’d say far more pain alround than being able to say to your loved one “Right, I’m dying, there is so much pain, it’s my time. Let’s get it sorted whilst I can still tell you I love you…”

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