What to do when you lack inspiration?

Warning, this one is a littel bit ranty!!!

I seem to be a little bit “stuck” right now. I’ve not got a great deal of creative activities in life, and the all consuming decoration has made the house into a disaster zone.

A great deal of “My Stuff” has been in storage since the end of  May, costing me a week’s rent every month, that I cannot really afford to pay out.

I’m still knitting, which is a good thing, but my stash is in the storage, so I’m buying yarn rather than using up (Mind you, I’m nearly finished a new booga bag, after having lost my original to a washing machine accident… I don’t think I ‘blogged that sad event!) which isn’t that ecconomical.

I’m not dyeing, because all the equipment and the white yarn are in storage, and the house being a disaster zone means that even if I did have the stuff out, I’d not have the space to “play”.  I also didn’t have the money to take Fluffenstuff to IKnitDay, which is a very very sad thing, and the business is very stagnant right now. I haven’t had an enquiry since March I think, despite advertising.

I’m not really getting the time to play with my websites, because work is being far too manic… Fluffenstuff in particular needs LOTS of attention, as I did a WordPress/WP-ShoppingCart update to it in July which deleted all of the on-site pictures! So, even if people were surfing me, there’s nothing there for them to see!

Work itself is dull dull dull, not really giving me much brain-food, and is stealing far too many of my weekends to be quite sane, and sapping my energies ahead of when I do get time for other stuff.

The decorating has morphed from doing a little sorting out and painting to make the place nicer for T and I to share properly, into actively rewiring the house as a pre-phase I action! This necessitates having holes in the first floor floors & walls,  which wouldn’t be a problem, if you could take a decent run at it… but it’s being squeezed into free weekends, and the gods know that there are not that many of them about, especially when every other weekend is taken up with children, and the ones left over fit our social life and other commitments into them!

Given also that it’s my mate Karl who’s the electrickerly minded one and so far not many of his free weekends have co-incided with our free weekends to actually make progress, the holes have been there for about 4 months and you can see why I’m living in a rather depressing, non-inspirational situation right now.

This lack of inspiration and motivation generally turns into a downward spiral of inactivity on my part. ie, My Computer desk has become a universal dumping ground. It is getting very out of hand,  as there is nowhere else for the stuff to live, so in typical Nikki fashion, I’m ducking clearing it up at all, and so the situation is getting worse ad nausia.

I *need* to break the cycle… and I need to stop finding excuses to avoid doing so. It’s difficult though, very difficult.

3 thoughts on “What to do when you lack inspiration?”

  1. Wrong person to ask. I still have at least one large bag fully packed from the time before last when I moved house.

    I’ve no idea how to make the time. That said…

    I can lend you “Getting Stuff Done” next Tuesday if you want. It’s got some good tips with how to deal with stuff like this. I’ve never managed to fully implement it, but even just doing some of the things it is quite helpful.

  2. We’ve had that comment before, you know the answer is cull cull cull! 😉

    I wll borrow that book though, I always feel time poor, but I also know I do “waste” a great deal of time as I’m a huge procrastinator!

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