I forgot to ‘blog this the other day…

As life is just a whirlwind of hectic, I’m really not getting any time to ‘blog thoughts ATM.

I need to ‘blog abut KF4, Love, life and decorating…

I’ve got Pictures to take of Knitting, I even neglected to tell you all about the Shawl I decided to knit for Mum and her birthday!

However, to be going on with, this one is a quickie set of pictures about work and how my boss chooses to inspire his workers…

Can Do - Will do

Perfect Preparation Prevents Poor Performance

We are ony as good as our last action

Don't Assume, Clarify

Consider Project Risks or Court Disaster and If you Fail to Plan you Plan to Fail

2 thoughts on “I forgot to ‘blog this the other day…”

  1. Hectic over here too. I’ve been making time to blog a little, but not to knit. I’ve got to a complicated bit on my current project and haven’t been able to set aside the half hour of quite time I need to sort it out. It’s not really at a pubbing stage.

    I should just get started on my Extermiknit!

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