Max Mosley – WTF is everyone thinking?

Ever since Max Mosely was harshly exposed as both being unfaithful to his wife via having a liking for paying for a little BDSM,  members of the FIA and the wider motorsport and automobile manufacturing worlds have been calling for his resignation. shows just how silly the situation is becoming in my eyes. 

As always, The News of the World, in yet another cheap shot to sell news papers via “exposing sex scandals in the public interest”, should be ashamed of itself… as should anyone that reads this utter turd of a tabloid.

That aside, I see this as a very simple issue. If one Mr Bill Clinton, then President of the United States of America, who’s office should indeed be a “Paragon of Virtue and Morality” can get an extra-marital Blowjob from an intern, and when exposed not lose his job, his marriage or his dignity, then why on earth should Max Moseley, who isn’t really important in world politics, and is really only a “known name” because of his father’s very nazi views,  resign or be removed from his position as Head of the FIA?

You do not have to have fidelity in your marriage to drive a car after all… and road safety campaigning and all other issues do to with motoring have nothing whatso ever to do with either morality or sexuality.

As I said, WTF?

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