My my, doesn’t time fly when you are happy…

Life is good, yes, you are right, I always go quiet when I’m happy/busy.

I’m Spring Cleaning.  Yes, I know this comes as a great shock!  Reasons?
Well, apart from “It really needs doing” and “My God, how much utter tut can one person really own?” I never really moved in properly when I moved last year.

I sort of just packed up Poplar, grabbed the umpteen boxes of “stuff” from Mum’s Garage that I’d parked there when I moved out of Dartford in 2003, unpacked the bare minimum of what I needed to live, and then just bunged the rest  in the spare room at Blackheath.

The other reason why I never really unpacked was the possible impermenance of Blackheath, what with Aunite Mary wanting to sell, and Mum wanting to hang onto the house for grim death, and also, in her heart of hearts, not really wanting me to change any of it, whilst at the same time wanting me to be happy and make it my home…

Mega Confliction!

However, impetus to clear my crap and properly sort things out has come from two corners. The first is that T has decided that he should stop being so picky and move in with me, as after all he loves me and likes Blackheath as somewhere to live. (YAY!) He also asked me to Handfast with him, so when his Divorce comes through, we’ll be looking to organise the ceremony in a pretty field at some point.

The second, and much more horrid impetus is that Auntie Mary had a heart attack a couple of weeks ago.

So, the first reason to clear out and up is so that we can fit T’s stuff in! He’s as bad a hoarder as me it seems… 😉

Second, is that if AM does decline (although indicators after her abalation are for a good prognosis/recovery) and wants/needs to sell earlier than next March, or Mum cannot get a Mortgage to buy AM out, I’m going to have to move out.

So, clearing down for that is a good reason too. Mind you… I’ve been going through boxes I packed in 2003, and my God, I seem to have packed every single peice of junk mail I’d ever received!!! WTF is that all about??? I’ve also got half a tonne of shredding to do, as I’ve got bank and CC statements going back to 1997, which were still valid keepers when I packed them, but are now just so-much-recycling.

The Charity shop is getting good pickings as well… Which is actually far more difficult for me to do than sorting through the paperwork, as after all, you cannot get emotionally attached to paperwork.

Work goes in fits and starts, I’m still reeling against the admin, but I’ve settled into the pattern of the Refreshing work.  We are refining our processes as we go along, which is actually not a bad thing, and as we’ve automated more and more of the tedious admin, I’ve stopped bitching about it all to everyone. The team is looking to expand to 5 people, so all the work we are doing now is a good thing.

I’ve even pretty much got used to getting up at 07:20 rather than 08:20! Although, leaving a bed with my hot man in it always proves difficult… 😉

Still doing sleep deficit things though… I think I spent most of this weekend asleep catching up!

You may also be pleased to hear that I’ve been looking after my feet, and they aren’t cracked to hell anymore. It helps that I’ve got a submissive footboi to come over once a week and pamper them.  On that front, We’ve also managed to obtain a Proper “Victorian Chamber-Maid” submissive, who loves nothing better but to clean and feel satisfaction at a job well done that pleases Master and Mistress!  All good!

I’ve also been getting into “Tea” again recently, and bought the most HUGE teapot on the planet.  I’ll take some pics later and put them on the end of the post…

Knitting is good too… I’ll post about later, when again, I’ve taken some piccys!

2 thoughts on “My my, doesn’t time fly when you are happy…”

  1. I must admit, there’s a box I’ve not fully unpacked since I last moved house. I ought to follow your lead, and ruthlessly cull its contents.

  2. Aye, do! Open it up, and be astonished at what utter utter shite you’ve packed!

    I know I have been…

    I’m going through the “clothes I haven’t worn in an age” bags as well, and marvelling at my taste in very very bad duvet covers!

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