So many thoughts…

So much stuff in my head theses days… I mean, nothing unusual in that, but I know I’ve actively thought “I really must ‘blog about XYZ” and then just don’t.

Stuff that needs to come out right now though it my inability to go to sleep before Midnight. 

I’m a night owl, always have been. I work far better in the evening than I ever do during the day. I can be as tired as anything, get home feeling like I could sleep for England right then and there… Yet 20:00 rolls around and I start firing on all cylinders.

So, why mention this now, at 01:15?  Because I’ve changed job at work, and my new boss is an old-school punctuality man, who demands that we all work 9-5, and that means 9-5, and not anything else!

This means that my Alarm now goes off at 06:45, and most mornings I manage to drag myself out of my pit for 07:20, get my sleeply ‘arris washed, dressed and out the door for the 08:03 train.  

This change means I’ve lost my main source of exercise, as I cannot load the bike in the train at that time of day, means I’m standing for an hour or so before I do anything, as there are no seat on the cattle trucks that are RushHour Trains, hence my back and feet are now screaming at me in pain to lose weight, not just be a radically smaller fitter and leaner me (see first part re: no easy exercise source),  means that I’m currently getting approximately 5 hours sleep a night (which also means that I’m not going to be fat burning properly), and means that I’m tending to play catch-up to that sleep on weekends when I should be out having fun.

It also means that I mostly lost the sleepy, intimate and loving morning sex with T (when he stays), where he would wake me up around sevenish for snuggle/get jiggy time, and then we’ed get up around 08:00, and slide into the day, and that I’m pretty much wasting the first 3-4 hours at work, as my brain is not getting the oxygen/adrenalin hit it was getting with the cycling, which certainly improved my before 12pm productivity like nothing else ever has before…

The work itelf is SOOOOOOO dull.  I thought it would be cool to finally get away from Customers and their ICT issues, but I actually miss the work dreadfuly. Compared to the Moves/Refresh Process I’m locked into now (which is the same stuff over and over again, repeat cycled every 3 weeks) deskside is varied, and it was obviously far more fulfilling than I realised.

So, of all the career moves I’ve made, this one has to be the worst. I also can’t really do anything about this until March, when the current round of Moves is over.

That doesn’t help with the “bleugh…” feelings either.

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