Emergency WIP… Seems it was a real emergency!

Remember this?

Well, this is what it looks like now!

Scarf in Manos de Uruguay Square Hat in Manos de Uruguay

and these are being worked to join them… Although, I’m not 100% happy, so these may well get ripped

Wrist Warmer UFO in Manos de Uruguay

I’m working Bottom up, but I get the feeling that somehow, I should be working top down.

All of these are worked in Waffle Stitch, and as you can see, although functionally finished, I’ve not blocked yet. Apart from anything, it’s cold, and I needed to keep my ears warm!

I’ve also pretty much not knit on anything else since I got these on the needles, and I can see why I’m a multi WIP girl, I was SO BORED of the scarf when I took it off of the needles! So, I will have to go through my WIP Stash, and dig out all my other UFOs that have been being neglected since May, when I started these!

However, as I twittered, I had a little bit of a falling down in Loop…

Trangual Shawl and yarn in Misti Alpaca

My eye was caught by the Colourway… I ignored it and looke at other yarns… then I touched. 100% Baby Alpaca. I was doomed.

Got to AK, wound 2 of the three skeins into Balls, and chatterted with Maggie and Verity about what it should be. We decided upon a Triangular Striped Shawl, with Lacy inserts.

Triangular Shawl upclose

Mind you, I think I’m ripping back to the first lacy section, as I’ve got 13 St on one side of the increase and 17 on the other! OOPS!!!

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