Chuff chuff, busy busy, work work, bang bang

Good grief! You would have thought I’d had have updated before now… Too much RL again eh?

Indeed, so much stuff… Almost too much! Not all of it bloggable either.

So, the good stuff… My relationship with T. I haven’t really spoken lots about him, partly because I didn’t really want to jinx it all… mentioned him here and there, but generally, I’ve stayed schtum over all the issues that came between us actually having a “real-live-grown-up” relationship. I think now though, I can live a little more out loud about him, as it really is all coming out perfectly. He’s also one of the reasons I’m not at my home PC as often, as he now has far more time to be with me than he did when we started up our relationship…

Other reasons are knitting… The Red hat and scarf combo have come on apace. No new photo’s, soon I promise, and no new WIPS, or progress on older ones. No dyeing either, which is niggling me lots…
I’ve also been tidying, and have the 3rd booked off to get “stuff done”… which reminds me, I need to call the tradesmen to organise a few stragglers! I have a new cooker to fit, and a washing machine to get fixed.

Oh, and cycling isĀ  all good as well… I’m physically slimmer, even if the scales stubbornly still tell me I weight the same… So, I know I’m carrying far more muscle than I was 7 months ago, and my stamina is certainly much improved. The best example is Mount Pleasant… When I started cycling, I struggled to get up the hill there in L1 gear. Now, I’m doing it in M3! Still puffed at the top, but it always makes me so proud of myself!

I really do need to get back to Low-carbing though, I think that will be the next best thing that I do to my body.

So, life is good right now. Long may it continue!

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