Knitting – that’s what its all about…

Yep, it’s been hectic. As always. No excuses apart from too much real life fitting into certainly not enough hours!

So, just to prove that I still do it:

Emergency profect - Waffle stitch Scarf in Manos De Uruguy on 6.5mm Fiddlesticks

This is my latest project. Bought as “Emergency Yarn” 3 weeks ago. I wasn’t planning to attend Angel Knits that Tuesday, so I brought no knitting to work with me. However, I didn’t go where I was intending to go, so it was a mad after work dash to Loop for supplies!

I’d bought some Manos De Uruguay for Fred in SP9 and really liked the hand of it at the time, so, when I saw the colourway above, it was a no-brainer purchase really. 3 skeins, the fiddlesticks shown, and 2x60cm 6mm Addi turbos for the hat to go with the above scarf!

I’m knitting in a waffle-like stitch: CO 23st long tail, ws=k1,p1 rs=k all, BO when as tall as me! Should block out lovely.

Using logic, the wool that is for the hat is sitting in my desk at work, as I don’t want to have to make another mad dash! 😉

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