And talking of pressies…

As some of you may or may not know, the lovely Ann attended SXSW interactive this year.

I so wasn’t expecting it, but I got brought back a pressie from Austin:
Plymouth Yarns - Baby Alpaca Grande

Note the tearing on the label? When I got given said pressie, it was Australian GP weekend, so I was sitting on the chair round at hers, with my hand inside the skein, wiggling my fingers inside the buttery softness as we enjoyed the race, and Ann ranted about how bad Ralf Schumacher really is… (I agree, as an aside.) Hence, one split ball band!

Something I also wasn’t expecting was pressies from Christine:
Very loud day-glo 15mm knitting needles, a Gift From Big Pink Cookie! 15mm Crochet hook, a Gift From Big Pink Cookie!

The lady knows me and my penchant for BIG needles well! 😉  I’m so glad the Lurid Day-glo came out so well on film, they really are that yellow!

Thank you both, and I apologise for my tardy posting!

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