An unexpected surprise

On the 24th of March, the postie left a “Parcel too big for your postbox” card.

Being a busy girl, I didn’t actually get to the PO to pick up the thing until Easter Saturday.

I was expecting it to be the Energy Saving Light bulb I claimed from signing up to NPower at the Ideal Home (which I suppose is the subject of another post… I’ve had so much life recently!) so I wasn’t rushing to collect at it really… however, when I did get there, it turned out to be something far better, and completely unexpected.

Unexpected and very Squishy parcel

This big and squishy parcel contained:

Two of these:

Firelight Roving from Secret Donor!

One of these:

Yellow and Orange Roving from Secret Donor!

One of these:

Unexpected Yarn from a Secret Donor!! 50% Wool, 50% Alpaca

and absolutely no note or other indication from whence it all came!!!

The only hint is the Postcode of the sending office, SW1V.

All I can say to whomever it is, and if you read my ‘blog, is thank you for sending me such nummyness, and I can only apologies for being so tardy in posting about your generosity.

I am truly grateful. I promise to turn it into something wonderful really soon…

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