Fitness… It’s a strange thing.

Remember this and this?

I cycled about 14 miles on Sunday, over to K&A’s for Sunday Lunch and back… It didn’t floor me at all in the way I was expecting, in fact, most of the way (Apart from the ruddy steep uphill at Vestry Road! Which of course, was cool on the way back 😉 ) was very easy on me, and I really enjoyed the ride.

Not so sure it would have been as fun if it had rained though 😉

And talking of pressies…

As some of you may or may not know, the lovely Ann attended SXSW interactive this year.

I so wasn’t expecting it, but I got brought back a pressie from Austin:
Plymouth Yarns - Baby Alpaca Grande

Note the tearing on the label? When I got given said pressie, it was Australian GP weekend, so I was sitting on the chair round at hers, with my hand inside the skein, wiggling my fingers inside the buttery softness as we enjoyed the race, and Ann ranted about how bad Ralf Schumacher really is… (I agree, as an aside.) Hence, one split ball band!

Something I also wasn’t expecting was pressies from Christine:
Very loud day-glo 15mm knitting needles, a Gift From Big Pink Cookie! 15mm Crochet hook, a Gift From Big Pink Cookie!

The lady knows me and my penchant for BIG needles well! 😉  I’m so glad the Lurid Day-glo came out so well on film, they really are that yellow!

Thank you both, and I apologise for my tardy posting!

An unexpected surprise

On the 24th of March, the postie left a “Parcel too big for your postbox” card.

Being a busy girl, I didn’t actually get to the PO to pick up the thing until Easter Saturday.

I was expecting it to be the Energy Saving Light bulb I claimed from signing up to NPower at the Ideal Home (which I suppose is the subject of another post… I’ve had so much life recently!) so I wasn’t rushing to collect at it really… however, when I did get there, it turned out to be something far better, and completely unexpected.

Unexpected and very Squishy parcel

This big and squishy parcel contained:

Two of these:

Firelight Roving from Secret Donor!

One of these:

Yellow and Orange Roving from Secret Donor!

One of these:

Unexpected Yarn from a Secret Donor!! 50% Wool, 50% Alpaca

and absolutely no note or other indication from whence it all came!!!

The only hint is the Postcode of the sending office, SW1V.

All I can say to whomever it is, and if you read my ‘blog, is thank you for sending me such nummyness, and I can only apologies for being so tardy in posting about your generosity.

I am truly grateful. I promise to turn it into something wonderful really soon…

Knitting – that’s what its all about…

Yep, it’s been hectic. As always. No excuses apart from too much real life fitting into certainly not enough hours!

So, just to prove that I still do it:

Emergency profect - Waffle stitch Scarf in Manos De Uruguy on 6.5mm Fiddlesticks

This is my latest project. Bought as “Emergency Yarn” 3 weeks ago. I wasn’t planning to attend Angel Knits that Tuesday, so I brought no knitting to work with me. However, I didn’t go where I was intending to go, so it was a mad after work dash to Loop for supplies!

I’d bought some Manos De Uruguay for Fred in SP9 and really liked the hand of it at the time, so, when I saw the colourway above, it was a no-brainer purchase really. 3 skeins, the fiddlesticks shown, and 2x60cm 6mm Addi turbos for the hat to go with the above scarf!

I’m knitting in a waffle-like stitch: CO 23st long tail, ws=k1,p1 rs=k all, BO when as tall as me! Should block out lovely.

Using logic, the wool that is for the hat is sitting in my desk at work, as I don’t want to have to make another mad dash! 😉