Rhetorical questions…

A few questions that have popped into my head over the last few weeks:

  1. Why do some people starve when they get depressed and other people eat?
  2. Why am I part of the latter group?
  3. Why is “Youth Culture” apparently so destructive in all modes?
  4. What is so bad about “White Culture” that teenagers seemingly wish to abandon it in droves?
  5. Why is the phenomenon of “Being a Wigger” so prevalent in white teenage society?
  6. What happened in the last 15 years that teenagers are now Brats? They now feel the need to kill, rob, lie, abuse, and think that the system should naturally give them anything they want instantly. This is not how it works, but the Adults seem to be too scared of the Teens, and even the Children, to disabuse them of this notion. (Yes, I know, The Youth will always rebel, I did when I was a Teen, but has this generation’ s rebellion gone too far?)
  7. Why is “Sex” viewed with a comparable if not greater horror to “Violence”? The former is a natural, beautiful and sacred biological act of reproduction, pleasure and unity between people, where the other is a harmful, wasteful and abhorent act of unilateral terror and territorialism on the part of the perpetrator.
  8. Why does Society seemingly fear “Violent/Rough Sex” above all other acts of “Sex” that it feels the need to repress it so harshly?
  9. Will I ever find time to do all the administration work I have to do in all spheres of my life?
  10. Does any of this heavy thinking matter.

Answers, if you feel like it, on a comment post…

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