SP9 Spoilee reveal!

At last, I can tell you all who I’ve been spoiling!

I’ve been spoiling Fred

I won’t lie, it’s been a real challenge to spoil a guy! I usually buy “fluff” from Paperchase, A bag, some pens, a silly notebook, cards, “fuzz & glittery bits” etc in my Pal’s fav colours, but of course, you can’t do that for a guy! 😉 That, and I usually like sending witty/pretty/soppy cards, but nothing leapt out at me and said “Fred!” until right at the end of the Swap… So he got quite a few of my Favourite “whacky” e-cards instead!

Hopefully though, I’ve managed it OK. (At least, that is what his ‘blog and e-mails said!) so I’m not at all unhappy.

SP10? Think I’m sitting this one out. I’ve got a MANIC Summer planned, so I just won’t have time again until SP 11.

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