SP9 Reveal!

I know, I’m rather too late! It’s been busy at work, and I’m still not on-line at home…

Anyhow, I got to work on Wednesday to be told “There is a package in the Postroom for you!”

What's Inside? One SP9 brown parcel... This is inside!  A plethora of Leopard skin print parcels!

Very pretty little packages!!!!

In the tradition of smallest first…

Knit beads Sheep!!!! Fridge Magents Frog magnet Crochet Hooks! Ruby Red Slippers Bath Slice Rowan Spray Araucania Nature Wool

So, just who is all this loveliness from?

Well, just who has been spoiling me? Outside of Envelope with a ? on it

It was LizzLizz!

The reveal card & some badges Drawing by Lizzlizz.com

Thank you so much for all my loveliness, especially the Araucania! Not sure why, but it’s just calling to me to make it “something…” and I’ve justthe idea for the Rowan.

I’ve so enjoyed being spoiled, as always… Now, all I have to do is pull my finger out, an send my SP their Reveal card! What am I like eh?

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