Gods, has it really been nearly a Month?

So much has happened since The Probate Post!!!

When Life gets too busy to ‘blog, you know that you are really really too busy to think. This also means that I’ve “broken” the cardinal rule of SP9, which states I have to have 4 posts a month! Well, I might get them in before the end of the Month… we shall see.

I moved this weekend… I’m cleared from Poplar (As of 3 hours of Final shuffting Last night!) and about 80% cleared from Bexleyheath (Where the 25 boxes of books (I have how many books?!?), my kitchen equipment, some furniture, some laminate Flooring and nefarious other stuffs have been stored in Mum’s Garage since leaving Dartford in 2003…)

Therefore, after all the shuffting, I now have CHAOS at Blackheath… There is no other word for it.


Well… there is: I’ve got too much frickin’ stuff!!!

I’m so not looking forward to the work I’ve got to do. Finishing clearin Granddad from the House, then unpacking into the upstairs so I can modernise the downstairs, and then reverse that so I can do the upstairs. It has to happen, but it’s going to be long and arduous, probably all told at least a year’s worth of work… But then, when it is done, I’ll have a good home for the next 5 years or so, and long-term, it will be very marketable for Mum’s retirement.

I do know I have quite a few pics to upload, but no connected-to-the-internet PC (Broadband 3rd Feb!) to upload them from! Pictures of the Crochet swatches where I learned over Xmas, my first Crochet Scarf (Which I’ve run out yarn on, 2″ from the finish! bah!), and some “before” pics of the new place, and there will be pictures of my Junk piles before I sort them out!

It’s not just my “junk” to contend with either, as I said above, despite the clearing work we’ve done since Xmas, there is still a large amount of Granddad’s “random stuffs” kicking about the place as well. It so complicates matters, and makes me despair that I will ever make the House “move on…”

All I can do is roll my sleeves up and get to work eh?