Why does life seem to rip by at such an amazing pace…

Well, its really very nearly the end of the year..

Where has it gone? It has been fast for sure… So much has happened, so many changes!

“Pace of life” is such a strange thing. It really does fly by at a monumental pace. I’ve been reading back through my ‘blog, as you should review what has been going on, and it really does look like I try to fit too much in…

This is not news really, but honestly, it is all stuff I want to do, and I can’t imagine not trying to do all of it. I wonder, do I just have an unrealistic expectation of how much stuff I can fit into 24 hours? Given that I have to work for 8 hours and sleep for (theoretically) 8 hours…That is 16 hours gone right there! Sleep and work seem such a shameful waste of time… Also, with the low-level stuff, the things that we do every day, we are all seriously time-poor anyway. Travelling to work and simply eating take up at least 2.5 a day.

In between all of this, you have to fit “the Extraordinary” in as well… My “routine” things like Angel Knits, Docklands Munch, and Cinema with Mum on a Wednesday. Then the specials, like the administration for and organisation of Kinkfest, and meetings with Unfettered peoples. The BIG One-offs, such as Granddad’s illness and looking after him, Mum and then the “everything else” that was and still is associated with that event.

Then, the challenge to fit in the quality time I need and want to spend with my wonderful new chap, and as always, the quandary of fitting quality time in to spend with friends as well.

Finally, the important stuff of finding the time to dye yarn and make up stitchmarkers as and when the creativity hits (these two factors haven’t coincided for a couple of weeks now!) for Fluffenstuff, negotiate business deals for the site, do all the HTML admin for here, Fluffenstuff, and the various other websites I manage, and the less important but fun (and not so fun!) stuff, such as finding time to answer e-mails, keeping the house relatively tidy, and this week, making 2 fancy dress costumes (That I haven’t started yet!) for Hades on Saturday night!!!

That tidying point is being sorely lacking recently, my stuff is getting rather spread out over the living room, and and understandably, my house mates are starting to pop at me about it… *sigh*

Either I have too much stuff, or not enough house! LOL 🙂 I’ll go with not enough house… I said this to Mum yesterday, as she is talking about selling her house: “Moving is always a good and positive thing. Means you get to get rid of lots of stuff. Honest! 😉 (That is what I keep telling myself, I’ve just been in transit for 3 years…)”

Maybe that is the kicker. When you say off the cuff stuff that that which is actually truer than you realise, it makes you review things.

I really do not feel my current house is “home”… It is just the place where I sleep, and I keep about 30% of my stuff. I so miss my books and my kitchen…

Hopefully, 2007 is when that sorts itself out eh? Also hopefully, with minimal TIDTIC fallout this year, I can finally get to enjoy a festive season for once eh?

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