Closure is finally here. It came through Friday apparently. Auntie Mary has decided that selling is good for her, so she can trick her house out with the disability aids she needs. So, I’m taking up her half of the house.

So, one “plan”

  • Fully clear Granddad’s stuff out over Xmas week. (I’m only working the Thursday, so should have lots of time.)
  • Move early in the new year. (I’ve spoken to our third flatmate, she is going to take my half of the Rental contract, so no hassles there, and I get a nice little chunk of Bond Money 🙂 )
  • Talk to Mortgage Broker & Organise funds
  • Give Auntie Mary lots of Dosh

I have had grand plans in my head since about 1990 for refitting and redecoration. After all, if I don’t change it, it will forever be Granddad’s house, and not my home, which isn’t right, seeing as I’m probably going to be there for the next 30 years or so… I do know that this will effect Mum a large amount though, but I cannot stay locked in time because o her angst. We will deal with it together.

What we do need to decide in the immediate now is what to do with all of Granddad’s clothes, books and other stuff that I really don’t want or need, and who wants what Furniture. It should be a “clinical, cut and dried” exercise, however, I suspect we will all be in tears for some of it…

Onwards and upwards eh?

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