SP goodies!

I’m sorry I didn’t ‘blog this sooner Sushi Monster, but life has been bloody hectic!

So, last Friday I arrive home to find my first SP parcel! A lovely brown envelope, with some Measuring Sticky tape to do it up…

What was inside? This little lot!

A lovely pile of packages

So, I started opening…

What's inside?BEADS!!!! :-)

Beads are always wonderful, and these little gems had me thinking about how to turn them into stitchmarkers as soon as I opened the leopard skin!

A lovely wooden comb

A lovely wooden comb, for my growing locks (I’m still undecided about letting it grow, as it has been short for about 6 years, with good reason. It is rather fine, and so doesn’t really hold style… That, and I’m debating what colour to start dyeing it, now I’m rather gray!)

Rowan All seasons CottonAdrafil Moos

Two good balls of Yarn, no idea what they want to be though!

And a lovely card. :-)

And of course a card!

Thank you. 🙂 I’ve really got to pull my finger out, and get my parcel over to my SP!

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