Birthday McGuffins…

I do declare that 36 is going to be a very good year…

I did exactly what I wanted to do, with the people I wanted to do it with, and had “Bucket Loads o’ Good Clean Fun” ™.

First up, my wonderful chap spent the whole weekend with me, not something he has done since May! So, that naturally made everything sparkly, bright and wonderful.

My Birthday plans consisted of “Many Many Snuggles” ™, MPH06, some dinner with friends, Club Subversion and LAM

I managed to accomplish it all as well. major lack of sleep allround, but it was all done, and job jobbed.

I am rather annoyed that I didn’t take a camera to MPH though, as I thought they would be prohibited. Oh no, people snapping away merrily! So, I have a few dodgy ‘Phonecam shots for you of what I saw.

Super CarsHalf Car Racing!Car Football

Ariel AtomDaimler 250SPJaguar E TypeMcLaren F1

All the other stuff I did? Let’s just leave it at “Fun” eh? 😉

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