Well… Things seem OK, if a tad messy.

I survived. It wasn’t at all painful in the end (unlike for the other domain I’m working on, which I managed to stunningly break for about an hour!). So, it is all good stuff.

You’ll notice at present, 2 different menus for Pages. I’ll sort that out when I’ve ported everything over into workpress… Although, I think that the Gallery pages might have to stay put until I find a suitable Photo ‘blog pluggin… we shall see 🙂

I think I also discovered the way I can do my WIPS as their own pages, and have them all list out as well, but it does mean that they need to be ‘blog posts. So, please do just ignore the posts from the 1900’s! 😉 I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to hide teh Archive entry at some point!

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