Savaged by wild animals…

Well a Ginger Tom cat…

I attended the housewarming of the divine Theda at the weekend. Gosh, her house is just spiffy, and I’m jealous. However, one thing that they have is 10 cats.

There I was, minding my own business, when a tabbi called Mori comes to see me. I make a fuss, as you do. Mori has enough and leaves, and I notice that another cat is looking wistful at me, this one I find out after is Teddy, and is Mori’s arch rival.

However, myself being all unknowing of this, make a fuss of Teddy as well… He does seem a little twitchy though, and as I stroke, he gives me a little nibble to warn me off touching his belly, as cats do. So, I back off, and move to teh normally safe area of behind the ears.

Teddy has other ideas, and does the “I’m going to hold your hand tight in my claws and teeth, which simultaniously struggle to get away from you, by kicking your arm with my back legs”

Usually, when cats do this, they don’t actually kick that hard, or for more than a couple of strokes before they figure out that they are actually holding on to you, and so are hampering their own get away… so the scratchs aren’t usually that bad…

However, I think that Teddy was enraged by the way I smelled from Mori, and stressed from all the people in the house that are not usually there… hence him really really digging in deep and having about 10 swipes at my arm.

These are a touch rough, I just took them with my phone.

Back leg lacerations
Tooth and Claw pucture wounds

So, I’m going for the sympathy angle… 😉

The bandage... not only for sympathy. ;-)

I’ve also Tea Tree’ed it to skinky heaven, and when I did it, we washed in in Iodine soap. I’ve checked my tetenus is up to date as well, I’m not due a shot until 2009. 🙂 So, 2 weeks to heal I reckon. Greg just reckoned I was missing wearing a bandage…

2 thoughts on “Savaged by wild animals…”

  1. Ouch! I just discovered your blog today, and the first thing I saw was those pictures. Reminded me of last year when one of my own cats did much the same thing to my hand in an airport. I still have scars! Suggestion for you that may help prevent scarring is get some vitamin e oil or cream and apply daily. I did this on a huge scratch left by a dog this summer and it healed beautifully, I don’t think that one will scar like the cat ones did (I didn’t know about the vitamine e then!)

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