Pratchett – A man in a Black Hat

In all the rush of life, I forget to tell you about the Thursday before last! *gasp!* Ann went to see “An Audience with Neil Gaiman” on the Monday, and got given a couple of free tickets to “An Audience with Terry Pratchett” on the Thursday

So, Ann turns up to Angel Knits and asks me, “Do you know anyone into Terry Pratchett at all?” To which I enthusiastically stick my hand in the air!

So, the appointed hour rolls around, and we pitch up, walking down to Bloomsbury in the rain (Blurgh, Winter is so on its way…)

We then spend a delightful couple of hours, listening to the inner workings of a most convoluted man.

I’ve never been to one of these Author talks before. Terry Pratchett strikes me as a man that knows how lucky he is, and is very humble and thankful that other people appreciate the inner working of his mind enough for him to be able to make a living from it.

He naturally talked about his latest book, Wintersmith, but also about the next one in his head, (which is an Ankh Morpork based book, mostly about Vetinari (who he likes writing, because he provides his own dialog!) called “Making Money”), his general philosophy and outlook on life, how much he loves living on the Downs, and the fact that things seem to turn up in his life exactly when he needs them to do so.

I’m very glad I went, Terry has an infectious enthusiam, seemd very grounded, and yet has just a touch of the twinkle of maddness in his eye.

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