I counted the hours…

…and they worked out just dandy.

Right now, life is very good. Lots of positivity has happened in the last few days, not least of which is the new business, but by far and away the most important is that I now have a real life, official and totally pucker boyfriend!

Friggin’ whaa haah hooey!

We had “the talk” last night, about where we started, where we’ve been, what we have grown into and so where we are going… It’s all good. There are going to be a few bumps and grinds along the way, and hey, it might still end in calamity, but then, that’s not really a problem. Not trying would be. So… We shall see what we shall see, but suffice it to say I have a huge grin on my face today!

I’m firmly convinced that there is nothing better than waking up in the arms of your chap, and the first thing he says is “I love you.”… Just sets you up perfect for the day.

2 thoughts on “I counted the hours…”

  1. Just wanted to say; CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
    Hope things work out for you,would be nice to see you at GG one wednesday!

  2. My darling has taken to waking me up lately. I think it’s because i have started to snore and he is getting his own back! Your post made me smile as he woke me up (again!) this morning to tell me he loved me and got a very disgruntled “F&%k off!!!” for his trouble. He did reduce to helpless giggles immediately after though so in my book “That’s love – 20 years on!!!” Hope in 20 years you and your man are where you want to be (soppy grin) Love Sal x

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