Dyeing Tonight

Or rather, over the weekend, but that really isn’t as catchy a title now, is it! 😉

I had a rather busy weekend, both Yarny and Socially. I created some wonderful Colours and bought some new toys at Expo. I even managed to fit in watching the Japanese Grand Prix

But, as this is the post about the dyeing… One picture journey of an entertaining friday evening. Although, you do also have to imagine me singing and dancing around to Virgin Radio as I dyed…

The setup, before the mess...
This is the bench all setup. My dyes all mixed and in the sauce bottles with everything neat. Not for long though!

Smaller dyebaths
I did a mixture of Solid Colour dyeing, and some “let’s just throw dye at the skeins, and see what happens… These lovely stackable Microwave dinner containers that I found in Asda are just perfect. These are the Solid base ones, which make excellent dyebaths fo both solid and blended dyeing. There are also two steamers, which I used to make some more “spotchy” yarns.

The stack in action -  Dyebaths, all ready to get cooked
So, I loaded the yarns into my dyebaths, and nuked them. Steam is all good to make the colours set, and these containers are perfect to keep the steam in.

Roasting bags waiting to cook.Roasting Bag full o' yarn
I knew that my dyes were “industrially strong”, but even in mixing a scant 1/4 teaspoon of the powders into solution, I found that my baths were way over saturated. That is a danger when you are doing “point and squirt” dyeing, but this was a little ridiculous! So, I removed the yarns from the baths and used some Roasting bags to finish setting the colours after the initial dye. I also used the roasting bags as secondary overdye baths for the splotchy yarns.

Bowl o' dye
I then used that which was left over in the initial baths to dye more yarn. In this instance , I had so much blue left over it was unreal! Waste not want not, but I still have half a bottle in the fridge for the next time!

Drained before spinningDrying Skeins
So, once I’d dyed, I rinsed off properly, avoiding that felt-making agitation, and popped the skeins into a laundry bag for a quick spin in the washing machine, and then, I hung them up to dry. So pretty!

What a mess!
As you can see, I don’t really have a good handle on “Clean as you go”.. tee hee

I repeated the whole thing on Sunday evening, as even with mixing such small dye amount, I still had more dye than yarn! I must have been a funny sight on Friday, tearing my stash apart, looking for all the undyed I had squirreled away! I even dip-dyed some white tapestry skeins, Iwas that desparate to use up all the dye!

However, it was very clear that I just didn’t have enough yarn… So, I popped into I Knit London on Sunday afternoon to get some more of that lovely shiney Wensleydale Aran. Shock, horror, someone had beat me to it! They only had one ball left, so I ended up with some lovely Alpaca and Alpaca blends to experiement on. All yummy and buttery, pure Alpaca really does takes colour well.

So, after all that, what did I make?

Berry DanishGrass and SkyHeathery BerryHint of SpicePair O' BluesRebel Yello'Sea CoralSea FoamSet O' PinksVery Berry

Oh, and these littel dip-dyed tapestry yarn skeins, just for Ruth to make her feel better.
Dip dyed Tapestry Skeins for Ruth

I’ve got them with me to show off at Angel Knits tonight, so if you are in my knitting crowd, you get to see them for real!

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