bah! spam! we hates it we do…

Some mutherrluvin’ spamwhores have decided that hijacking to send spam with is a good idea.

That and a few other domains I own as well… so, I’m inundated with “Mailer Daemon: Unknown user” return errors sent to some ramdom three character address @ all my domains.

Oh, and the multitude of “We blocked you for being a bad spammer type that sends us spam” errors as well. *sigh*

3 thoughts on “bah! spam! we hates it we do…”

  1. So, the cowardly spammers have decided to impersonate you too ? It’s been happening to me for years, and I’ve had to take some extreme measures to keep my mailbox manageable !

    A few bounces a day is a nuisance, but I guess you’re getting dozens of the blasted things at a time. One day, the swines left me mucking out 5,000 bounces from my inbox…

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