So, how did I spend my Saturday?

I wanted some colours. Bright flashy colours, the creativity, the smell of fruit and vinegar. Yep, you guessed it, I broke out the kool-aid, skeined up and dyed.

I created 2 lots of very different yarns. First of all, I tried some Dip dyeing. I used the 500g of undyed Wensleydale Longwool I purchased at I Knit London on Friday night, and created a Yarn I like to call “Parrot”

Parrot yarn on the drying rackCloseup of Parrot Yarn

It’s all lustrous. No idea what it wants to be yet, but I’m itching to knit it into something… Any ideas?

Then I did sort of the same thing, but a slightly different technique, which made it little more blended, and with the undyed Boucle that Sally, my SP7 gave me (Thank you again… You know, I just realised that I never did post the pic of your First parcel. I’ll pop that out shortly!) and turned it into “Mango Chutney”

Close up of Mango Chutney yarn

I also got to indulge in my favourite past time of mess making:

My kitchen mid-dye session

and documenting the happy accidents that are my yarn:

The "secret recipe" book... Just so I don't forget!

I really am hooked, but I also know that I really go have to get some “proper” dyes. Kool-aid just cannot give me the depth of colours I want. I want some vivid blue, canary yellow, bright scarlet and vibrant green in my dye pot.

The Red and Orange drinks are good, and I do love the shade you get from Lemon-Lime, but I really want some “non-bubble gum” colours. I saw some Colinette Point 5 in Lapis on Friday, and its really really really made me want “deep”.

I can feel an order to Omega Dyes coming on!

2 thoughts on “So, how did I spend my Saturday?”

  1. So, you’re off on your way to professional dyes… it was only a matter of time, wasn’t it? Eh eh, enjoy 🙂

    Wow, that Point 5 is stunning! {bangs head on desk: I do not need to drool over any more yarn!!}


  2. So you did have a big post catch up then! One day I’ll start to use Blogroll or something to help me keep up to date with blogs.

    Was thinking again about the dyeing thing, getting decent colours etc. Omega might be better than Kemtex purely because they stock them in 10g size, so handy if you only dye small amounts. I probably should start buying the 50g packs, but the 25g last long enough.

    Wensleydale does look gorgeous… just love the way it takes colour!

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