On a much happier note of Dyeing

I know, its a bad pun. It makes sence in my warped mind right now though… 😉

Saturday, I get up “early” and pop over to Handweavers Studio with Ann to go and buy me some Acid Dyes.

I buy the primaries, Crimson, Lemon and Blue BT. I bought 100g of each, basing the decision on what I know about the Omega dyes, and that 5g of dye is good for 100g of Yarn. Discover that the dyes from Handweavers are rather more concentrated! 2.5g of dye is good for 250g of yarn! Good for Ecomomy, and probably means that I will never run out of dye! Possibly bad for the measuring out for small amounts of yarn though! 🙂

Still, we then spend the afternoon at Ann’s House learning how to use our new toys, making not as much mess as I had expected all told, creating Colour of the highest intensity, and incidentally getting rather high on vinegar fumes. 🙂

Pictures are here, as Ann took them, not me!

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