MEME: What Sign Is Your True Love?

Why doesn’t this surprise me? I do seem to attract Leo Men… but then, I do get resentful of ust how selfish they get!

I seem to have got me a nice Scorpio boi at present… Yes, my Guru of the mystic actually sorted himself out (mostly) in my favour… So Nikki is a happy bunny, and he is just luffly. 🙂

I’m such a Scorpio, give me a good sex life, and I can conquer the world!

Your True Love Is a Leo

Why you’ll love a Leo:

A Leo has a presence and power that you find intoxicating.
Sensual and playful, you’ll be thrilled to have your Leo pick you as a playmate!

Why a Leo will love you:

You’re willing to let your Leo be the center of attention (both at home and in public)
And you’re able to tiptoe around your lion – and put up with the occasional fit.

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