Long over due SP7 first package pics!

Here, this is the picture work for my First SP7 package from Sally… Just so I’m all caught up before SP9.

Pic work for the reveal package is here

(Can you tell I’m avoiding doing the work on my WIPs page at all??? It’s got a little too big! I think I need to make it into an easily updatable web database type page… and wondering if I can move it into wordpress some how. I’d sort of love to have all the WIP pics for all the WIPS, not just the Completed picture displayed… hmm)

SP7 package - All wrapped up
What was in the first SP 7 package
What was in the Second SP7 Package

2 thoughts on “Long over due SP7 first package pics!”

  1. Hi, you really caught me out with your photo of your SP7 reveal. It was the turkey baster, I think I have been watching too many tv programs on Living and 5!!! I am guessing it is for the Koolaid so you can use it for dyeing and not what I was thinking it was for nudge nudge wink wink! LOL Need to find a webpage with info on dyeing, would like to know more.

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