I Knit London – Now Open!

I Knit London

The piccy says it all really. The New I Knit London Shop is now open. It’s a gem of a place as well. Just like Stash in Putney (And I haven’t been there yet! 🙁 ) it is run by knitters, for knitters. It is located in an unusual place, a Local Community. I didn’t even know those existed in Central London, but apparently, they do!

When I popped down Friday, I got to grim Vauxhall, and followed my map to Bonnington Square. I actually walked past the shop, because my attention got caught up in the “Community Garden Project”.

You see, people actually talk to each other in the area around Bonnington Square, and they have developed a largish plot of land that was a bombsite, into a very beautiful space.

So, I looked in that for about 10 minutes, then decided to look for the shop! No need though, it was directly opposite the gate! So, in I go, get greeted with an opening week glass of red, and start browsing…

Gerrard has decided to focus in on British Brands and fair trade yarns, so the shop is quite Colinette heavy, but there is also:

  • Artisano Alpaca – Inca Cloud and Opulence (The Hand dip dyed range)
  • Wensleyday Longwool (It has fab lustre, my next post is about what I did with some of that!)
  • Recycled Sari Silks
  • Banana fibre yarns (which apparently come from the same collectives as the silks)
  • Tilli Thomas (oh, to afford one of those skeins! All Silk, glitz and beads… *sigh*)
  • Rooster (A lovely Merino/Alpaca blend)
  • Araucania cotton

with some Opal, Rowan and Debbie Bliss as well.

There are also fab Lantern Moon, Brittany Birch and Denise interchangeable Needles, as well as other accessories and some hand-mades as well.

All this, and they are open from about 11am until at least 9pms most night. They have so thought about their target market, after all most knitters work for a living to feed their yarn habits!!

So, you can pop over after work, stroke some yarn in a very relaxed manner, and then have a knit and chat on the comfy sofa. Although, you are going to have to take your own wine! 😉

2 thoughts on “I Knit London – Now Open!”

  1. Great review, the shop sounds lovely, maybe I’ll be able to go take a look (cough, enhance my stash, cough…) when I have a little time, which should be in approx 10 years’ time… 😉


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