So much paper…

We were convinced, (as Granddad was such a control freak!) that he had left a list of instructions, outside of the will stuff… (You know, like what Funeral director, what to do with his collections, who needs to be informed) He had an organised folder with all the “important stuff” in it, which is all marked up with what to do with it, so we thought it would be in there… we went through it yesterday, and Bah! No such luck.

I’ve never seen so much junk paper in one place! We knew it was bad, but the man kept every scrap of anything! Old non-winning lotto tickets, All his Asda food Receipts, copies of the paper going back months, every single house insurance Docket from 1989, plus all in the envelopes they came in! It just goes on and on… Sheesh, no wonder his nose was so bad! All that dust!

So, that’s my job to sort out, according to Auntie Joan (Granddad’s Older sister). Auntie Joan said that if he had been alive she would have had a go at him for leaving so much paper behind! Apparently, when Great Aunt Vi died, it was exactly the same, and it took Auntie Joan and Granddad an entire week to sort that one out, so he should have known better! It’s going to take me an age! 🙁 *sigh*

5 thoughts on “So much paper…”

  1. Poor You, my mum is just the same, anything “that might be useful” one day has to be kept, I think it comes from living through the war and rationing! hope you find the pot of gold too nikki,As for the plans that are’nt there, just do what you think fit and what he would have liked

  2. Yeah, but how can Asda receipts and copies of the Daily Mirror be useful?

    I’m going in there with long latex loves and a dust mask when I do deal, Monday’s searching gave me one heck of a painful snotty nose!

  3. Now let me think here, old newspapers…..
    significant dates in his life???
    eating chips out of??
    or… we all know what else they used to be used for when Andrex was rare!!!!
    Asda receipts… well… very wise to keep the as a source of where dodgy food came from, but then I’m maybe just sticking up for Grandad!!
    Seriously though if you need a hand with anything at all nikki just say, I’m only a tube ride away x
    Are you coming to GG for a break tonight? sounds like you need it.

  4. Unless you count the entire last 3 months output of “MirrorPress” as “significant”, nope, its just a pile of Newspapers.

    Apparently, you are not allowed to use Newsprint for Chips anymore. Something about Health and Safety. Bah Humbug!

    I can understand keeping receipts for a couple of weeks… but we have Food receipts going back *years*.

    I may well need help, if I do, I’ll shout!

    GG? Yep, I’m there… See you later 🙂

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