Kinkfest3: It all started about Christmas…

… with the simple but fateful words “I know I’m going to regret this, but I have Stage Management Experience…”

9 months later, and I’ve now gone through the post-apocalyptic aftermath of Kinkfest 3

Well, maybe it’s not quite that dramatic, but it is an experience that has left a profound impact on my life.

Here are some of the things that the whole experience has taught me:

  1. Never believe an artiste when that tell you “Oh, I don’t need anything!” when you ask for their Technical Requirements. They always need something, and it will be a challange to deal with on the fly.
  2. I can do anything once I put my mind to it!
  3. Once in a while, I have the ability to push my body to its physical edges and not collaspe in a physical or mental heap until I’m sure I’m done.
  4. I can Man Manage and Project manage very effectivly
  5. If I’m confronted with a problem, I will find solution, not flap about it not doing anything.
  6. I need to be in a job that allows me to exercise these skills, so that I am fulfilled, work wise. My skills are simply being wasted in my current employ.

So, from a personal perspective, discovering this about myself is all good stuff…

So, what did I actually do for Kinkfest? For the previous 2 years, I wasn’t heavily envolved in the upper echelons of the Organisation, and I simply presented a Workshop (with EGO) entitled “BDSM for Beginners”, and then hung around, being helpful as required. It was simple, not too taxing, and didn’t really require that much in the way of Prep. or Dedication, beyond a little planning & prop buying for the days and some turning up and being helpful on the day.

This time however, I was “Stage Lead.”

I was totally in charge of producing a 2 day, 3 phase Stage programme.

And Gods, was it exhausting. 9 Months of pre-work, late night e-mailing, random conversations that lead to real promise, and promises made that were broken before fruition.

Then, after we could prep no more, the event itself, 2 days of full on work: Building the stage (The Gods smiled when we found enough carpet in the skip outside to cover the surface!), random visits to B&Q for hardware supplies, standard lamps and 4-bar power sockets, running the shows over 3 performances, having Artistes and their managers hissy-fit at me for both good and no-good-at-all reasons, and then, the deconstruction of it all again at the end! All that on only 45 minutes sleep from waking at 08:00 on Friday until I collapsed into K’s bed around 06:00 on Sunday!

I can’t talk about Kinkfest without talking about my heros:

My Stage Manager:Platinum.

Without him, I would not have been able to rig such a professional Stage Show. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Crew Hands:

funkyboy and severin.

Both these Boys were with from 10am Friday until 06:30am Sunday. Again, without them, it just wouldn’t have happened. I wish you both sweet dreams, and I owe you lots of hugs, love, and more hugs!

Friday’s Setup Heros:

Strummy and
Lord Dragonara

These guys did the lifting, shifting, constructing, laying (and finding!) of carpet (thanks Cho!) and generally being fantastic!

My Other Nefarious heros:

Sinmara for Diva Hurding, keeping us neat and tidy, and being generally helpful, subdave33 for helping with the Saturday night take down, and merrynb99 for sweeping floors when she really didn’t have to do so, but we have the power of Chinese food, and she was hungry… 😉

Last, but by no means least, my dear one K, who is my special hero, as he helped out on The Press Desk all day Saturday, then came over and helped me out in the evening, de-rigged with us, and then took me and (most of!) my kit home when he wasn’t expecting to do so, and made sure that I was safely tucked up in bed before I passed out from being awake for nigh on 48 hours! It is amazing what the body can do on Adrenaline, but boy do you crash hard at the end of it.

Exhausting yes, but very satisfying, If nothing else, it really proved to me my own capabilities, when I get the inspiration to actually achieve something, so ultimately, also a very fulfilling thing to have done! I’m happy I played my part, and although I’m mad for saying it, I’m looking forward to Kinkfest 4!

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