Just how appropriate is Crazy Aunt Purl’s Hor-O-Scope?

Does she look in my life, and write pithy Barnum Statements that seem so relevant to me that it is unreal? I read this just as I started the Mamouth post I have in drafts about the last 7 months, and it seems strangely directed at what I have been doing…

SCORPIO (Oct. 24 – Nov. 21)
All work and no play makes Scorpio so irritated and tired and annoyed that at any minute ya’ll are about to fling off and snatch someone baldheaded. I know that the work you’re doing is VERY good, and this whole period from about March onward has been exhausting, and kind of rewarding but still, you’re tired, and why can’t you just get some peace and quiet already! but you just have to endure a few more weeks of nose-to-grindstone and then you can take a much needed rest. If it’s any consolation, this entire Jupiter-infused period of your life has been really excellent for your future financial picture. Does that help? A little?

BTW, Granddad is still with us. He cannot have eaten in 6 weeks, and hasn’t drunk anything for 3 days as he can no longer swallow… Just how strong is this man? Stronger than all of us imagined it seems… Mind you, and from a totally personal perspective, is it really a humane thing that we make our terminally ill people effectively starve to death on painkilling drugs? I wonder how well he would do if we were drip-feeding him, as after all, he is certainly strong enough of will to still be with us fo a long time I reckon… I know he would never get “better” from the illnesses he is suffering, but, this lingering death stuff is plain not nice for anyone.

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