I’m still here… just about.

Don’t worry, its not all totally doom and gloom.

I’m just not really cool with being used as the unpaid Counsellor for both Mum and Auntie Mary, who suddenly decided to start calling me, and venting her frustrations at me about how she felt that my Mum was not asking her about Granddad’s stuff, but rather just doing stuff and telling her about it afterwards…But not exactly in the calm and measured tones I’m using here.

Auntie Mary has a very shrill voice unfortunately. Plah! is all I have to say about that situation!

However, what I think they have both selectively forgotton is that not only have I lost my Grandfather, I’ve also lost “My Father”

For better or worse in my life, my Mum was not allowed to stay with my biological Dad (Granddad’s very first controlling act in my life!) after I was born, and as Mum had to go back to work after I was born, Nan and Granddad pretty much raised me when she wasn’t there during the day.

NB: I was much wanted by both Parents, which is all good… I also think that Auntie Mary
had just got Married, so I suspect that my Mum was looking to settle as well, after all, it was 1970, and getting married around 19-22 was very common then!

Mum has told me how my Dad went with her to get me registered, and insisted on me having his name, him being on the birth cert and all that jazz. Apparently, he even asked her to marry him, but was scared off by Granddad for whatever reasons. I also know that his Parents bought me a load of “Linens” and my Pram. So, everyone must have felt responsibility before it all apparently went Pete Tong for them…

I have no clue where he is now though. I sort of want to find out, but not really. Possibly too complex.

However, when all is said and done, I was effectively Nan and Granddad’s 3rd child and Granddad was to all intents and purposes my Dad as well as well as my Granddad.

What a tangled web eh?

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