I so understand why Granddad had a headache…

It was because of all the ruddy paper dust! I found myself holding my forehead in exactly the same manner as Granddad used to, and my nose was blocked solid for about 3 hours after I left!

Anyway, Sunday afternoon was spent hip deep in old paperwork. Nothing “new” to report from it, and as regards this sort through it. I think we’ve broken the back of it though, we’ve created 7 bags of recycling so far, and found lots of relevant paperwork amoungst the envelopes. We even found a still valid bankbook shoved in one of Nany’s old handbags, rather than i the organised folder, so that is all good.

Not sure when we are going in next. but I’m not looking forward to the sinus pain from it, I can tell you.

We also found some bits and bobs relating to me. I discovered that I sign my name now in the same sort of way that my Dad did in 1971, which was very freeky.

2 thoughts on “I so understand why Granddad had a headache…”

  1. Keep going girl! this is the bit when you get to have the odd laugh on grandad, and realise why you loved him so much. go get the sinutab, and hope to see you tonight!

  2. Hey you, did you get my email last week? Hope so. I’m out and about again today, and can’t remember your addy, so I thought I’d drop you a message here, cos you’re bound to read it (she says hopeful!). So, how have you been? I’ve got a meeting at 6pm in London Bridge tonight, so I doubt I’ll make it to AK, which is a shame cos I was looking forward to seeing you 🙁 Next week? Take care xxxxx

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