I’m a little more together now

Despite reports to the contrary, Granddad was just having a Practice run at the whole Death thing… Although, it really is just a matter of time. Eveything is failing now, and the cancer is in control of the issue. *shrug*

He had a heart attack early hours of Friday, and wasn’t expected to last more than 48 hours… They moved him to Critical care, “All” of us visitied Friday afternoon, when he looked very pale, small and weak, and I really though that he was ready to let go. So did the Doctors as they told my Cousin Adien to fly back from Cavos to get there ASAP.

There he is on Saturday though, looking far more himself, joshing us and the nurses and generally being curmudeonly again. Admitedly, I’m guessing the Pump-Morphine is making him “better”, but they are apparently talking about letting him out at the end of the week.

Its all very odd. Still, with Granddad in Hospital, at least Mum is getting help. Although, I’m guessing no sleep.

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