Death smells of Lavendar…

Some people may find this offensive or feel it isn’t fitting to talk about, so just move along…

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Its strange, Granddad pretty much hasn’t eaten anything for nearly a month now. But he is sick at least twice a day, and brings up green bile.

Its Sludgy, looks like he has been eating Grass, and strangly, as I found out today, it really smells of Lavendar. I always thought that the “Old Lady’s Smell” was just the thing that happens to old ladies, I never really wondered why their houses smelled that way… I walked into Granddad’s house just before he went to hospital, and was quite shocked to discover his house having the “Old Lady” smell, but I had no idea why…

Well, this afternoon, he threw unexpectedly, so we didn’t catch it in the sick bowl. I got a fair old whack of it over my hand. I’ve washed it 6 times, and it still smells of Lavendar.

Biology is so strange sometimes…

2 thoughts on “Death smells of Lavendar…”

  1. Keep your chin up girl!
    Personally I love the smell of Lavender,
    but I know what you mean,
    tell mum I’m thinking of her too

    Julie x

  2. Sorry about your granddad, it’s always hard to watch a loved one suffer.

    However, death does smell of lavendar… I had assumed that there was some kind of pact among old women to buy the same awful detergent or something, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. We just got new neighbors in our building, and though it seems to be a middle-aged couple with a kid, an absolutely overpowering stench of death-lavendar fogs up the hall, and even creeps under our door on particularly hot and humid days. I actually long for our old neighbor back, I would far prefer his thumping salsa music at odd hours of the night to this persistent and pervasive smell.

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