Sprains and family – Always an odd combination

My Sprain is doing well, Physio has discharged me. I just need to keep doing my exercises, and he has given me som other exerrcises to do with balance as well to prevent me respraining again. I need to take Carol up on her kind offer of a Wobble board methinks!

As far as Granddad goes, he was “OK” yesterday, The Hospital have said we can take him home if we want to, but he will need 24x7care … Which I know Mum really doesn’t want to do, as she will get stuck being the full time carer. Uncle Ted (Granddad’s Older Brother) backs her up as well, which is good news. I’m sure Auntie Mary may well stick an oar in though, but with all the conflicting viewpoints, and Granddad being back to his nasty abusive self, Mum is going to pieces so fast that I suspect people (ie me) are going to get hit by the schrapnel.

It’s all not good. We shall see what happens…

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